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Anthem Community Councils

As part of a multi-academy trust, our school is not restricted to the traditional model of local governance that most people are familiar with. 

Society is changing, and our governance structures need to change with it. Anthem is leading the way by launching a completely new kind of governance across its 16 schools with local views, experiences, and expertise at its heart. 

You can find out more about the strategy on the Anthem website.

The new name for local governing bodies is Anthem Community Councils (ACCs). Members of the ACCs will be known as Anthem Community Council members (ACCMs). 

ACCs will have four delegated areas of responsibility:

  • Community
  • Celebration
  • Send, inclusion and safeguarding.
  • Panels

Each ACC will include Anthem Community Council members who are Champions in key areas such as safeguarding, SEND and inclusion, and climate change.

The current members of our ACC are: [insert information about current members, e.g.]




Stepped down

Interests declared

Susannah Daniel

ACC member


Headteacher and Governor at All Saints

Liz Kenny

ACC member

October 2017


Self-employed photographer, providing school photography that is sold to parents for individual and class photographs

Mischa Tytel

ACC member

May 2019 reappointed May 2023


Associate Governor All Saints Infant School; Self employed Bushcraft and outdoor learning teacher at ASJS and ASI;. Run chess club as a volunteer at ASJ where son and friend get paid for doing so.


ACC members can be contacted via the main school address. You can find this on the Contact Us  page of this website. If you wish to contact Liz Kenny, Chair of the ACC, you can do so via the Clerk using the following email address:   

A summary table of members' interests and meeting attendance for the last full academic year can be found on

Do you want to make a difference?

If you are passionate about contributing to your community and are interested in finding more out about being part of your school’s ACC, we would love to hear from you!

For further details, please click on the link below to complete this short expression of interest form and a member of our Governance Team will be in touch.

Anthem Community Council Expression of Interest Form.